Twenty-nine Reasons to Keep Going in the Faith

Twenty-nine Reasons to Keep Going in the Faith

Feeling as if you are in a constant state of ‘just bumbling along’ is no way to live a victorious life in Christ. Yes, the Christian life is one of constant spiritual warfare, but it is designed to be fought from a position of victory, not defeat by a thousand discouragements. Here are ‘29 Reasons to Keep Going’ in your daily Christian walk:

(1) Jesus is always with you—Mt.28:20;

(2) The Holy Spirit dwells in you—Acts 2:28;

(3) You are a part of God’s household—Gal.6:10;

(4) You are continually being cleansed from sin—1Jn.1:9;

(5) You are given talents to use and multiply—Lk.19:26;

(6) Jesus is coming back for you—1Thess.5:2;

(7) God’s word is eternal—1Pet.1:25;

(8) You can know for sure that you have eternal life—1Jn.5:13;

(9) The Bible is not of man. It is inspired by God—2Tim.3:16;

(10) The Bible is your guide—Psa.119:105;

(11) Your mind is being renewed—Rom.12:2;

(12) God gives you wisdom for the asking—Jm.1:5;

(13) Your time spent with Jesus will be evident to all—Acts 4:13;

(14) You are given a spirit of power and love and discipline—2Tim.1:7;

(15) Worry over your physical needs is waste of time and energy—Mt.6;

(16) If you ask anything according to God’s will, He hears you—1Jn.5:14;

(17) The Kingdom is always at work—Mt.13:33;

(18) Jesus was killed, but now lives—1Cor.15:4;

(19) You can succeed in marriage—Eph.5:22-33;

(20) Parents are honoured—Eph.6:1-3;

(21) Children are honoured—Eph.6:4;

(22) Singlehood is honoured—1Cor.7:8;

(23) Jesus came to give you an abundant life—Jn.10:10;

(24) God supplies many spiritual men and women to mentor you—Heb.11;

(25) Your good deeds will not be forgotten. They go to judgment with you—1Cor.3;

(26) The Father is always waiting for the next prodigal to come home—Lk.15:11-32;

(27) Jesus has destroyed the devil’s power over death—Heb.2:14;

(28) The testing of your faith produces endurance—Jm.1:3;

(29) You always have reason to rejoice, because the Lord is near—Phil.4:4-5. We are blessed, indeed! Praise God!

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