Windows#1. “Michal and the two windows.”

Windows#1. “Michal and the two windows.”

Michal loved David. On one of the occasions that her father, King Saul, tried to have David killed, she helped him escape. Michal, wondering what would become of her beloved, looked down in fear from the window from which she had just lowered him (1Sam.19).

Years later Michal would again look down on David from a window. By this time, however, she had grown to despise him in her heart. He had danced before the Ark of God as it was being carried into Jerusalem; this was the last straw!

Disgusted, Michal welcomed him home with these crosswords: “How the king of Israel distinguished himself today! He uncovered himself today in the eyes of his servants’ maids as one of the foolish ones shamelessly uncovers himself!” (2Sam.6:20).

This was a line crossed into territory that Michal was never to come back from. From that day forth David never touched her; she died childless.

What moves a person from adoring love to absolute loathing?

Things had changed. Back then, Israel’s greatest general had suddenly become Israel’s most-wanted fugitive. Michal, the beautiful young princess, had become his saviour.

Now, looking down from that window, she saw herself as the one needing to be saved. Saved from the boredom of being married to the man who was once voted “Israel’s darling-warrior.” What was worse, she had become just another one of the many wives of the man now voted “Israel’s greatest king.”

I would be surprised if many Christians could name Michal as being one of King David’s wives. If she were here today, she would most certainly take that observation as being supportive of her vitriol.

Giving Michal the benefit of the doubt, I wonder if…The longing for love and safety that Michal wanted FOR David when at that first window, was the same longing for love and safety that Michal wanted FROM David when at the second window?

John Staiger


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