Winning and losing#5 “Touching your dreams…!”

Winning and losing#5 “Touching your dreams…!”

“Tiptoe through the Tulips” is the 1968 signature song of Tiny Tim. The long-haired, 6’1″ (185 cm), ukulele strumming singer with the shrilling falsetto was a sight to behold. He also loved Ice Hockey but couldn’t skate. He was thrilled to go onto the ice with his favourite team, The Toronto Maple Leafs, before a charity event in 1969. Reacting well to his obvious inability to skate on his own, he said, “I was always athletic spiritually, not physically.”I was also an athletic spiritually, not physically. Any dreams of stardom in the field of sports was cut short for me before the pain reality hit me.The apostle Paul was on the road to stardom as a Pharisee. He was making sure that everyone knew the name, ‘Saul of Tarsus’ as the man who singlehandedly destroyed the Jesus movement. His journey to Damascus was a mission for God to that end. I have little doubt that Paul was deep in prayer when Jesus struck him to the ground. Ironically, blinded by the Light, he was sent to be enlightened by one of the very people he was going to Damascus to arrest.The man who put forth every fibre of his being to destroy the church of Christ, became the man who put forth every fibre of his being to build it.Tiny Tim may have dreamed of being an Ice Hockey player. But knowing his strengths and limitations he instead spent years perfecting a complex act that was designed to appear easy.Christians are gifted people. Blessed with opportunities, talents, and resources from above. The idea that we could ever think to be Christians ‘spiritually,’ but not ‘physically’ is missing the point. If you want to touch your dreams for the Kingdom – It starts in the spiritual but is lived out in the physical.

John Staiger

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