Wisdom shouts in the street #12. “Wisdom— Put it to the test!

Wisdom shouts in the street #12. “Wisdom— Put it to the test!

“But he who listens to me [wisdom] shall live securely

And will be at ease from the dread of evil”

(Proverbs 1:33).

The wisdom of God fills the life of the believer. It offers the simplest of common-sense solutions and the deepest of thoughts about God. To find it is to dwell in the safety of the Lord and to be able to stand against the devil. To ignore it is to set yourself adrift amidst the lost and perishing; there is no hope of Heavenward direction there!

Wisdom does not sit in a corner quietly. Its voice reaches to the end of the earth. Those who hear it are called, “Wise.” Those who turn a deaf ear to it are called, “Fools.”

The believer must always question the source of his wisdom. There are many brands of wisdom that sound as if they are Biblical, but when tested against the pages of scripture they are shown to be counterfeits. Suffice it to say, “We ignore our Bibles at our peril.”

God knows what He is talking about. If he says that he has provided everything we need for life and godliness, then we must take Him at His word. Of course, that “everything” is summed up in the Gospel of Christ—His death, burial, and resurrection. Jesus is the embodiment of the Wisdom of God. It is through his teachings—covering the length and breadth of the Bible—that Jesus teaches us how to be right with God and useful in His church.

To admire the wisdom of the wise of this world is to waste your time and energy. I would instead recommend a prayerful reading of the Bible from cover to cover. Therein lies the Wisdom of God available to every person—Please, put it to the test!

John Staiger


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