Working together with God #3. “Faith-crisis: The Toughest of Conditions.”

Working together with God #3. “Faith-crisis: The Toughest of Conditions.”

You cannot treat a Christian caught up in a “Faith-crisis” as if everything is normal.

I would like to say that helping someone through a serious faith-crisis is easy, but that would be untrue. I would also like to say that what triggers a faith-crisis is predictable, but that would be untrue too. However, what I can say is that it is easy to miss someone caught in a faith-crisis and hard to help someone work through it.

We have all seen good men turn bitter as they have blamed God for their disappointments. How many of us have watched with broken hearts as our encouraging words have been politely ignored behind forced smiles?

As much as we would like to believe that we can compensate for someone else’s lack of faith, it cannot be. We must encourage, challenge, and especially display faith before others, but ultimately it is theirs to have, to nurture, and to hold on to.

Those who become unfriendly toward the church may not be quickly helped. In fact, at that point you must ask them not to cause others to stumble by airing their doubts or grievances. The church can help anyone…except those who do not want to be helped.

Spiritual leadership is for those strong enough to bear the burdens of others. Since those in a serious faith-crisis are the most burdened of all, we would only be adding to their problems by encouraging them to lead.

Many of us have had our faith tested to limits beyond that which we thought possible; praise the Lord that we are still here and are stronger than ever. So, I do not want to give the impression that those presently having a faith-crisis are beyond the help of God or man. That is not so!

Instead, we must do all we can to help to restore their faith in Jesus. We do this by working together with God in what is the toughest of working conditions. Satan must not win!

John Staiger


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