Abel—Killed for spite!

(Gen.4; Heb.11:4; 12:24; Mt.23:35)

Some people will go to their graves being thought of as ‘born wreckers.’ After they destroy the lives of others, they are surprised that God would call them to account.Of course, no one is born bad, but Abel, second son of Adam and Eve, died at the hands of one of those men.Worship is the true measure of a man. Therein are his thoughts and motives on display before God (and eventually before others). All things come to light sooner or later).God commended Abel in his worship. His sacrificial offering (taken from his flock) was praised by God as ‘better’ than his brother’s. An example that the Hebrew writer says, “still speaks, though he is dead” (Heb.11:4). Yes, Abel was the first martyr. His blood cried out against his murderous brother from the ground. When Jesus condemned the religious leaders in Matthew 23, these words were a part of his concluding remarks: “…upon you will fall the guilt of all the righteous blood shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah…” (Mt.23:35).Abel was a righteous man. His blood was that of a man God’s truly honoured for his faithfulness. Once more the Hebrew writer references this blood. This time elevating it as great, but Christ’s blood as greater (Heb.2:24).Like Abel, we too will be remembered for our faith. His faith in God resulted in a righteous life. His righteous life issued forth in the quality of his worship. And his worship showed up the substandard worship of another. When Abel was invited by his brother to join him in the field, he did not know that he going to his death. He assumed safety where there was none. We would do well to take warning.Abel was ready to meet his maker.


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