The Magi—We three Kings…?

Three ‘toy’ memories from my childhood Christmas come to mind. The first: Lots of toys! The second: The toys going through an immediate baptism of fire (Indestructibility was the only standard). And third: The Christmas Nativity Scene. A host of unforgettable characters all looking their part. However, and not to rain on your Christmas parade, a casual reading of the gospel accounts will reveal that many aspects of The Nativity Scene have been re-manufactured. Yes, up against the indestructibility test of scripture, most of the pieces of the ‘traditional story’ would not survive the flames.The Magi are a case in point. Matthew 2:1-12 is the complete description of their visit. By the time they arrived to where Jesus’ family was domiciled, I assure you that the angels, animals, and shepherds were nowhere in sight. Months had gone by. This particular group of Magi remain a mystery. Traditionally, they are said to have come from Persia or Babylon. They may well have been directly influenced by teachings handed down from prophets like Daniel. What we do know for sure is that these gentiles had been miraculously led to Bethlehem by following a star, and on arrival they worshipped the expected Messiah; the King of Kings. The gifts they gave were extremely valuable. I think that others are right when they speculate that the gifts may well have been sold to finance their sudden trip to Egypt. King Herod knew he was not from the royal line of King David. He correctly feared for the demise of his dynasty. He quizzed the Magi when they arrived in Jerusalem and invited them back when their search for Jesus was complete. He was hoping to locate and exterminate him. The scribes had informed him of the town, but that was all. He wanted the exact address.Their divinely guided journey to the Saviour was completed with a divinely delivered message—‘Go straight home!’Herod was not one to take being outsmarted laying down. He sent in his henchmen to slaughter every boychild in Bethlehem under two years old.The Magi’s visitation is an amazing revelation. In it we behold the Spirit of God informing gentiles (strangers to Israel) of the coming of the Messiah, a guiding them directly to Him.Seek and you will find!


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