Advice#4 “When ‘Friends’ are Enemies…”

Advice#4 “When ‘Friends’ are Enemies…”

Every time you are tempted to violate your conscience, the devil tells you exactly the same thing he told Eve in the beginning: “Don’t worry, this won’t kill you!”The devil is always, (yes always), speaking bad advice into your life.Who better for him to use than our nearest and dearest?This is when your ‘friends’ can become your enemies. “Be not deceived, bad company corrupts good morals” (1Cor.15:33).How many of us look back and wished that we had heeded this advice in our youth?Jonadab, renowned for his cunning, gave vile advice to Amnon about Tamar (2Sam.13). He will rot in hell for that, I assure you.The youthful Rehoboam chose the flattery of his friends over the wise counsel of his father’s elder statesmen (1Kgs.12). Tragically, he fulfilled God’s prophetic word about him, and Israel was divided from that day forth.What is more heart-breaking for a king than to have his enemy at his right hand? Ahithophel, King David’s adviser, had no equal. It was said of him that it “…was as if one inquired of the word of God” (2Sam.16:23). Ahithophel calculated that with his help, Absalom could prevail against his father, King David. He backed Absalom in the coup d’état that temporarily unseated King David, but his blind treachery didn’t factor in a divine intervention. David’s prayers were answered in the form of a true friend, Hushai. Hushai was also a great counsellor. David sent him to Absalom as a secret agent to frustrate the advice of Ahithophel. Ahithophel said they must pursue David immediately. But Absalom’s vanity made him seek Hushai’s opinion, too. Hushai said they must wait least David, though fleeing for his life, turn on them in wrath. Absalom bought the trickery, giving David time to prepare for battle. Ahithophel, knowing that his plans to be Absalom’s adviser were thwarted, went home, put his house in order, and hanged himself (2Sam.17:23).Satan’s advice came to Adam and Eve as that of a friend reassuring them that God really didn’t mean what he said. The advice of such ‘friends’ always proves lethal.That is “When ‘Friends’ are Enemies!”

John Staiger

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