Counting the Cost#1. “If anyone wishes to come after Me” (Lk.9:23).

Counting the Cost#1. “If anyone wishes to come after Me” (Lk.9:23).

The ‘Mark of the Beast’ has always taken on new forms for new generations. Lately, talk of tracking devices being injected with the vaccines has begun. Admittedly, stories of 5-G technology coursing through everyone’s veins is more exciting than the belief that the 16 numbers on credit cards added up to 666 back in my day.

The Book of Revelation is a powerful magnet. Its apocalyptic imagery has provoked fear and wonder (as it should) and caused many to consider their eternal destiny.

But, sooner or later, everyone has to come to grips with the cost of discipleship. The Book of Revelation gets to the heart of enduring until death. And if the prospective Christian can get this, despite all the unhelpful interpretations, they will have come a long way.

Too many have added ‘becoming a Christian’ to their life as one adds anything that is considered ‘a good thing to do.’ This is nothing new. Jesus’ talk of “nowhere to lay his head” was to dissuade followers who thought his mission was an all expenses paid outing. His followers were to turn their backs on life as they knew it. He bluntly told one man: “Follow Me, and allow the dead to bury their own dead.”

The choice to follow Jesus is yours to make, but the conditions are not.

But even if we agree to the stated conditions, it should not be these that determine our choice to follow. If so, we have missed the point. Our choice is that of a condemned man being pardoned from a deserved death sentence.

With overwhelming appreciation, we “Choose Life.” After all, what else would a saved man do but choose to follow his Saviour?

John Staiger


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