Leadership#12. “Truth and Lies.”

Leadership#12. “Truth and Lies.”

UFOs were back in the news. The USA had recently released video footage of objects moving at speeds that defy possibility. Surprisingly, government officials and experts alike have expressed the belief that UFOs exist. What is the average person on the ground to believe? I don’t know. After all, this is typically the domain of Science Fiction movies and Alien Abductions stories.

Truth and lies walk side by side on our road to eternity.

Misinformation is nothing new. Simple deception began in Eden and will persist till that day when we again walk with God.

The Internet has flooded the world with information. Upon this ocean of ‘facts’ floats a myriad of arks. Each of these arks is filled with self-proclaimed experts, all claiming exclusive access to the ‘Truth!’

The wise leader listens when Jesus says, “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear” (Mk.4:9). Drifting out of Jesus’ voice range diminishes His sovereignty over your thoughts. Truth is quickly swallowed up in lies.

Church leaders must participate in the conversations had in the church. Understanding why members believe new and strange things is a window into current beliefs beyond their walls. The last thing they need is to become their own closed-up ark.

Wise leaders help members to ‘talk ideas out’ in full view of scripture. Dismissing everything new as a ‘conspiracy theory,’ and everything old as an ‘urban legend’ will just expose leaders as unreachable.
I have spoken at length with brethren who have seen and heard things that are beyond my ability to verify. I have no reason to believe them to be liars, so I must, like the UFOs, accept that there are some things I may never know.

God’s truth is not complicated: “If you sin you will die! So, believe in Jesus.” The devil’s lie is not complicated either: “If you sin, you surely shall not die. So, don’t worry about Jesus.”

Spiritual leaders point out the truth from the lies—that is what they are there for!

John Staiger


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