“Don’t kid yourself!”

Whichever way you cut it, the reasons for touching that fruit in the garden of Eden had ‘Lie’ written all over it!The lines were crossed one by one. Man went from seeing, to wanting, to taking, and then to eating with relative ease. The devil really didn’t have to work that hard. Once he had gotten them past the first lingering look, the dominos fell in quick succession.Job had it right. Despite his misery, he was not going to self-medicate on sin. He vowed: “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a young woman” (Job 31:1).No matter what your age, Paul’s advice is current: “Flee youthful lusts.” The lie that says, ‘behaving like a teenager is somehow going to restore one’s youth’ must raise howls of laughter in the demonic world. Strangely, even though it has a one hundred percent fail rate, its popularity never wanes.The temptation to find satisfaction in the things of this world is laced with deception. It poisons the soul.Jesus didn’t call the devil “the father of lies,” for nothing. He has, and always will, seek to lie his way into your good graces by offering you forbidden fruit. It is when we truly accept that the Kingdom of Christ is forcefully advancing that we see the Light of Truth in action. The impact of the work of the Lord’s church goes far beyond our capacity to comprehend and fully appreciate. Every time we honour the Christ in our words and deeds, truth goes forth in victory – impacting the lives and hearts of man. It is in the way of truth that we expose the lie that the soul can find fulfilment beyond Christ and His church. To believe otherwise is to kid yourself!John StaigerIf you have been blessed by this message, please feel free to: Like, Comment or Share it with your friends. (317)


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