Dreams and Schemes #7. “God is not scheming against anyone.”

Dreams and Schemes #7. “God is not scheming against anyone.”

Be careful that that nagging voice in your head isn’t fear dressed up as wisdom. If there is one thing that the Lord takes off the table is our need to fear for the necessaries of this life and the next.

But as much as Jesus tells his followers not to worry about food, shelter and clothing, believers ignore his word as much as anyone else. Tragically, much time and worry are constantly being ploughed into efforts to keep up with the wants of this world.

How many times have we found ourselves pacing the floor wondering how we are going to fix our financial problems or cure our personal woes? Now, this is real, and it must be discussed with the Lord. However, if you are going to pace back and forth (literally or otherwise), make sure it is to the rhythm of prayer; Jesus cares for you!

Fear is the devil’s instrument in both bad times and good. In times of need we act as if God is holding out on us, and in times of plenty we act as if God isn’t there—you can judge yourself on that one.

Whatever the situation, we must take care that we do not treat God as if He doesn’t care about our daily struggles. Such fears cause mayhem when serious trials—those common to all—come upon us. Too many times Christians harbour secret concerns that sickness, unemployment, mounting debt, family problems, or death, are deliberate punishments sent by God for past sins. We cannot rule out the natural cause and effect of sin, but before we begin accusing God of conspiring against us, we would do well to remember the huge investment of love He made through the cross.

Fear, in all its forms, is not good for us! Yes, love is the answer…

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love” (1 John 4:18).

John Staiger


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