For Goodness Sake#4. “Be careful little Feet where you go!”

For Goodness Sake#4. “Be careful little Feet where you go!”

Apparently, in the 1970s certain sectors of the New Zealand population were suffering the effects of too much TV, too much junk food and too little exercise. So, the government started the “Come Alive Campaign.” Citizens of all ages were encouraged to leave their couches and walk, run, bike, swim, or join a club—anything to get them moving. Ads were posted on TV, radio and billboards and they even had a theme song that exhorted: “Come alive…, you better get out while you can!”

The nearly 50 years that have passed since have made prophets out of those health officials; the average Kiwi now sports the effects of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

The Christian lesson is not hard to get: “Come alive…, you better get out while you can!”

Obviously, I’m not talking about physical exercise (although that is important since you are the temple of the Holy Spirit), I am speaking of coming alive by walking in the Spirit.

There are a lot of places that sin will lead us if we let it. Many a Christian has followed his lusts down the road to perdition. To say that we will never do that is to court danger—watch your step!

Simply put: “To work and worship with the saints is to walk with God.”

The stuff of our daily walk is fellowship with the saints and God through worship, hospitality, phone calls, Emails, and prayer—all that uplifts man by bringing glory to God.

This is begun where we are and with whom we are with, and from there to wherever God’s wisdom takes us—

“He who walks with wise men will be wise” (Pro.13:20).

John Staiger


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