For Goodness Sake#5. “Be careful little Lips what you say!”

For Goodness Sake#5. “Be careful little Lips what you say!”

“A time to be silent and a time to speak” (Eccl.3:7).

I once heard an interview between a radio host and an endurance coach. The coach had spent many years taking groups of ordinary people on long arduous treks. The interviewer, assuming that everyone must have been vetted by a strict selection process, asked what the profile of an ideal team member looked like. The coach insisted that he had long since given up on such an approach. He said, “The group needs every kind of personality. When the climb gets rough, and the weather closes in, it’s hard to keep everyone’s spirits up. That’s when the guy who you least expect to say anything starts to make you laugh. He brings life back into the group.”

Like apples of gold in settings of silver
Is a word spoken in right circumstances. (Pro.25:11).

Everyone says regrettable things. Although un-saying them may be impossible, Christians seek to set things right—whether the who has offended or the forgiver of offenders. Remember, Peter’s threefold denial was evil, but his bitter tears were clear evidence of repentance. Consequently, Jesus restored him to even greater service. Praise God!

It is when we utter words that are perceived contemptuous that we find ourselves in the most trouble. It is at these times we understand Jesus’ ban on calling others “fools.” We are not only making rods for our own backs, but we are also building walls that keep out the gospel – that must never be!

Words are indeed appropriate in their season.

I have listened to sufficient debates online to understand that the exact same words and ideas being spoken are at the same time being accepted and rejected depending on the view of the listener. To one they are words of wisdom, and to another, they are words of foolishness.

It is incumbent upon you and me to keep our words appropriate to the salvation of those who hear them.

We are speaking for Jesus.

John Staiger


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