Passion cannot be hidden!#1. “Divine rage.”

Passion cannot be hidden!#1. “Divine rage.”

Money is a stain on the reputation of Christianity. I do not argue with those who point to the abuses of pastors and church ministries. They are usually right in their condemnation of the mansions, jets, land, gold, and Swiss bank accounts.

But let’s not confine ourselves to these easy targets. What about the abuse or hardship that is going on around the world that could easily be alleviated if Christians (including you and me) gave properly?

I believe it is a sin to give any amount of money into the “Prosperity Gospel.” It is a demonic scam, and anything given is encouragement and support of the devil’s work. My heart breaks for those in these churches who genuinely believe that their money is actually buying food and clothing for the poor.

Jesus was not going to tolerate the sight of religious merchants setting up shop in the temple courts for one more minute. He would have been thought an absolute madman as he cleared out man and beast and yelled at the top of his voice: “Get these out of here! How dare you turn my Father’s house into a market!” (Jn.2:16).

The disciples were witnessing the direct fulfilment of Psalm 69:9—“Zeal for your house will consume me” (Jn.2:17).

If you are looking for a mentor, friend, husband, or wife, it pays to seek out the answer to this question: “What does this person count as sacred?”

However, you won’t have to ask the question out loud. The answer will become obvious as you watch them negotiate the everyday affairs of life. Their passions will surface soon enough, and it is those passions – be they good or evil – that you may be living with for a very long time—choose carefully.

Jesus’ divine wrath was an object lesson for the disciples. They were witnessing first-hand the true passion that Jesus had for his Father’s house.

Do we share that passion?

John Staiger


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