Knock, and it will be opened to you (Mt.7:7).#4. “Cease Not!”

Knock, and it will be opened to you (Mt.7:7).#4. “Cease Not!”

To state the obvious: Knocking is the act of seeking permission to enter a place into which you must first be allowed access.

Many opportunities for Christian service are beyond us. Be it a lack of talent, faith, maturity or will, barriers exist that prevent us from being used by God in certain ways. But ‘lacking what is needed’ for a particular door to be opened, is not a reason to stop knocking. There are clearly other doors to pass through in preparation for greater service.

In this time of ‘Who are you to exclude me?’ the mere mention that God excludes those unfit for service is enough to cause upset and walkout.

A wise man seeks to find out how to become more useful in the Kingdom. He asks for wisdom, seeks out exactly what needs to change, and knocks until the Lord opens the door to service.

Great men and women of God are going to be used by God in areas prone to suffering and temptation, and greater service is indeed our goal. However, even Christians can rush in where angels fear to tread. Many a faith has lost its way and foundered on the rocks of persecution and trials.

There are those Preparatory-Doors that must first be banged on until they are opened unto us:
The door of knowledge that builds your faith; the door of prayer that binds you to God; the door of mercy that teaches you to forgive; and the door of love that opens your heart to the lost.

I know that some might accuse me of taking the metaphor too far, but I don’t think so. We grow by being taught. God providentially teaches us through His Word and the trials of everyday life. He shows us our limitations, and we therefore ask and seek passage beyond our current stage of growth – It is by knocking that God opens those doors.

And praise God…He is always ready to open those doors.

John Staiger


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