Perspectives#1. “Politics”

Perspectives#1. “Politics”

Politics can be a dangerous game for the Christian. I may not have lost friendships over politics, but I know that I have severely strained one or two of them. To my shame! Some Christians are convicted that voting is a right, privilege and responsibility placed into their hands by God Himself. Yet, other Christians are convicted that believers should distance themselves completely from all political affairs. Who is right?

Voting is something that Western countries take for granted. Thus, political discussions are more inclined to sound like, “This is who would be in government if I had my way,” as opposed to countries where you are told, “This is your government, and you better like it!”

I know Christians who have found peace living and working under corrupt dictatorships. They have the resources to move to other countries but choose instead to get on with their work for Jesus where they are—even if the elections are decided before polling day.

Nebuchadnezzar, Caesar, Pilate, and Herod all had at least two things in common: Firstly, those who posed a threat to their positions of power were punished to the limits of their ability, and secondly, God ordained them to their positions of power. This second point is a bitter pill for many ‘politically mad’ Christians to swallow. Most choose to just explain it away.

We must understand that Christians who are willing to sacrifice friendships over political opinions are undermining the very foundations of fellowship and evangelism. The common justification for stepping back from friendships due to ‘moral reasons’ ignores the fact that no one this side of heaven either defines or practices ‘morality’ very well. Yes, you must strongly uphold Biblical standards, but to expect politicians to uphold these standards for us is to expect something that we are not called by God to do. People with strong political views are everywhere. It is not our job to change them. Instead, it is our mission to live a Christlike existence in their presence.

That’s it!

John Staiger


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