Learning the Hard Way#5. “Changing History.”

Learning the Hard Way#5. “Changing History.”

There is an old preacher story about a young man who wanted to be the greatest military leader in history. His dream was to attend West Point, the alma mater of his hero, George S. Patton, and visit the beaches of the 1944 Allied Normandy Evasion. But he chose instead to take an ordinary job and to pursue his passion for military leadership as a hobby.

The story goes that he died an expert on the subject and went to heaven. On entering, the only question he asked Peter was: “Who was the greatest military leader of all time?” Peter answered, “You don’t want to know.” “Of course, I want to know,” he said, “please tell me.” Peter said, “You!” “Why do you say, ‘me,’” he asked. “Because,” continued Peter, “if you had pursued your passion, instead of dreaming about it, you would have changed history.”

How many of us have shelved our true potential? There are billions of ‘talents’ buried in billions of fields waiting for the Master to return. What is holding you back from utilising your talents and opportunities? By now, that might be a question that needs action more than thought. One wise man said, “Begin with the end in mind.” So, considering our ‘Greatest military leader’ who never was, it becomes obvious that ‘the end’ we must have ‘in mind’ is heaven.

When everything we have striven for in this world has been burned up (2Pet.3:10), all that will be left will be only that which ever really mattered—the souls of men.I not only plan to be there to hear Jesus say, “Well done, good and faithful servant…enter into the joy of your master’ (Mt.25:21), I plan to make sure I do my bit to make sure that others get to hear those words too—that is changing history!

John Staiger


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