Lost and Found#6 “That which matters!”

Lost and Found#6 “That which matters!”

Four years ago, I became very unwell and in need of an operation to fix internal bleeding. There were days when I was so weak, I wondered how close to the end I had gotten. But during the worst of my moments, I can honestly say, that the thing that mattered to me most was that my children get to heaven.

When you are feeling your humanity, it is amazing what matters and what doesn’t. There will come a day when all that will matter is whether you are saved in Christ, or not.

Everything else will be reduced to ashes.The saved will be in heaven for eternity and the lost will be in hell for eternity. It should not surprise us when we try to minimise the cost of unbelief. Too many of our loved ones have either chosen to ignore God or have known Him and then forsaken Him. It feels a lot better to ‘leave them in the hands of a loving God,’ than to face the reality of what is actually before them.

One old preacher used to say, “I don’t care if you preach me into hell, as long as you do it with tears in your eyes.”

I have stood upon Mount Eden and beheld the beautiful city below. Auckland, 1.7 million souls. I have prayed for the lost souls and felt that sense of utter helplessness as I considered my own deficiencies. But I serve a risen Saviour!

Yes, this world is in the power of Satan (by their choice), but Jesus came to give us understanding so that we may know him and have eternal life.

I must look to the ends of the earth, but I must start with the souls in front of me. I must seek to convict the hearts of sinners with a simple eternity changing message—Jesus Saves!

John Staiger

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