Lost and Found #7 “Found …. then what?”

Lost and Found #7 “Found …. then what?”

I was baptised on a Thursday night and two days later I was with my new-found brothers at my very first men’s working-bee. Fred Martin was there. He reminded me of John Wayne and was a painter by trade. He, of course, knew a willing worker when he saw one and he set me to work painting the new wall behind the pulpit of the Otumoetai church of Christ. Not too many Saturdays later, our preacher, Ian Mostert, called for volunteers. He sent us out two by two to evangelise the local homes. The congregation was but a year old and everyone was called ‘to the work.’ It was a great beginning with a faithful and hardworking church family. I couldn’t have wished for a better start.

I was under no illusions that when I emerged from the waters of baptism I had stepped into the Lord’s church. To forsake my brethren, was to forsake the Lord. To sit down and watch, was to leave the work to others. To neglect my talents, was to atrophy. I was there to work!

You and I are carrying on the work that our brothers and sisters have been doing for the last 2000 years. Most of it unknown to the history writers, but all of it is woven into the fabric that is civilisation.

Without the good work done by humble Christians, we would all be swimming in the same sea of misery that plagues nations who reject the teachings of the Christ.

You start and stay in the local congregation. That is God’s plan—it works!

Many Christians wonder at God’s plan and purpose for their lives. They underestimate their talents and overthink their inadequacies. Believe me, God has before you opportunities that are beyond your wildest imaginings. All He calls you to do ‘today’ is to have faith that He knows what He is doing.

Start your day in prayer: “Lord, give me a loving heart and willing hands to do the good that needs to be done today. In Christ’s name, Amen.”
Be it a paintbrush, a stranger’s doorstep or a kind word or deed, God’s Light shines through it all…

John Staiger

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