Starting to Begin#1 “Article 365.”

Starting to Begin#1 “Article 365.”

Back in the mid-1980s Dan Martin invited me to write articles for his “Evangelism Dynamics” paper. An offer not made lightly. I appreciated the offer, but I had to decline. I didn’t tell him why, but he could probably tell by the look on my face—fear had gripped me. Apart from assignments at Bible College, I had not written an ‘article’ in my life. And even over the decades to come I would write but a few ‘Bulletin Articles.’ I have never forgotten his encouragement.

One year ago, I wrote an article I called: “Jail is a miserable place—Paul and Silas.”

It was Day 1 of our New Zealand Covid-19 Lockdown (Thursday 26 March 2020). The series title was: “The Lock-Down—Bringing Hope to Confined Circumstances:”

My goal was to write one ‘Devotional’ per day until we resumed fellowship at the Morningside church building. The Lockdown lasted 66 days (66 articles), but since some readers requested that I write on, I have done so with pleasure.

I say with pride that at least one person has read ALL of them. Many of you have left clues that you have read some, or many, or most of them—for which I am humbled. I have appreciated every sign of engagement: Likes, Shares, Comments, and Calls. I have been blessed with new friends, too.

The context is no longer domestic confinement, but we are still confined to this world. My goal is still the same: TO BRING HOPE.Jack Exam wrote a book called, “The Glory of the Ordinary.” A title that could just as easily be the theme of all I have attempted to communicate – Jesus working through you and me.God transforms the weak and the ordinary things we offer in faith into divine and glorious labour. To believe otherwise is to chase the wind. If I can continue to speak a good word for Jesus into your day, we are both blessed.

John Staiger

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