No man ever spoke like this!#8. “Out of the mouth of babes…” (Mt.21:16).

No man ever spoke like this!#8. “Out of the mouth of babes…” (Mt.21:16).

Some churches have a “Cold-water Committee.” These are the brethren who have somehow developed a unique gift of “dis-encouragement” (and, lest I sound too self-righteous, I must admit that I might possibly have sat on one or two of these committees myself). They are easy to find. Each member has a near-miraculous ability to turn up at the happiest of events and proceed to pour cold water on it.

A preacher friend told me that a brother once phoned him, expressed genuine happiness over the baptism he had just performed, and then went on to tell him, with increasing annoyance, that the church needed to see a particular point his way, no matter what! Sadly, that brother was carrying water for the devil that day!

When the chief priests and the teachers of the Law heard the children shouting, “Hosanna to the Son of David,” they were indignant and immediately tried to douse the flames of joy (Mt.21:15-16).

Ironically, the very religious leaders who should have been leading the people in these shouts of praise – acknowledging Jesus as Messiah – were telling Jesus to tell the kids to stop calling him that.

These were exciting times for all of Israel. They had witnessed “Jesus triumphal entry” into Jerusalem, seen Jesus “Cleanse the temple” and watched him “heal the blind and lame” (Mt.21).

Thus, when Jesus responded by asking the teachers of the Law, “Have you never read…?” it was the same as saying, “You guys don’t even know what the Bible says about what is going on here today, do you?” And that is the point Jesus is making by quoting Psalm 8:2,

“Have you never read, ‘From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise’?”

So, when others Praise the Lord – Join them!

John Staiger


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