No man ever spoke like this!#7. “Render unto Caesar…” (Mt.22:21).

No man ever spoke like this!#7. “Render unto Caesar…” (Mt.22:21).

If anything should remind the Christian that he is an alien in a foreign kingdom, it is taxes.

Though governments extract revenue from Christians and non-Christians alike, believers are aware that they are paying money that will be spent in ungodly ways.

This has caused some Christians to avoid the payment of taxes on grounds of conscience. They make strong arguments condemning governments for their lack of humanity and low morals—all usually true.

However, despite the heart-breaking societal degradation, it is as much the job of the Christian to legislate tax laws as it is the job of the government to legislate morality. Only Jesus decides what is right and wrong!

God is sovereign over all things in heaven and on earth. But since the people of this world have chosen the god of this world to rule over them, we should expect that their leaders reflect the god of this world—the devil.

The rulers of this world do not accept our role as Ambassadors of King Jesus, and less will they exempt us from taxes. We must accept that these people – who do not share our spiritual values – are more likely to hinder than help our cause.

We do well to remind each other often that we are but temporary residents here.

Arguing about taxes is not only a guaranteed way to bring the wrath of the government upon your head, but also a guaranteed way to hinder your ambassadorial mission. In an environment where being “as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves” is a minimum job requirement, the last thing a Christian need do is invite hostile Inland Revenue auditors to their doorstep.

Jesus said, “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s” (Mt.22:21).

Pay your taxes!

John Staiger


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