Starting Points#1. “That which is.”

Starting Points#1. “That which is.”

If you are a Bible-believing Christian (not that there is any other kind), and you accept that our all-powerful God created everything in six days, you are not alone; I do!

My problems with evolutionists are many, but it is their starting point that seems to stall conversations before they even begin.

That starting point is a dismissal of any positive references to God or the Bible when discussing the origins of that which is.

If the playing field on that point was level, it might be considered a fair start. However, although many of our evolutionist friends refuse to allow you to reference the Bible, they deem it ‘fair’ to denigrate it, and anyone who expresses belief in it.

I highly recommend that all Christians give time to the various online debates on the origins of the universe. They are both fascinating and frustrating listening. Fascinating to hear both parties speak of the intricate design of that which is, but frustrating to hear one of the parties rule out any possibility of a designer.

In our discussions with evolutionary atheists, we must show great patience. You are dealing with someone who, in their mind, has a lot to lose. Since their belief system is widely held and propagated by most of the people they know, to reject it for creationism has consequences. For a start, they can expect to encounter the same cold stares of rejection that they themselves once cast upon believers.

Of course, to give glory to Christ for his works of creation will be one of their greatest days. For the first time, they will feel free from the shackles of denying the obvious.

Our starting point needs to be a refusal to separate God, His Word, and the wonderful impact of Christianity from creation.

The alternative has offered nothing but a sense of disconnection from that which is. You cannot fully appreciate that which is created without fully appreciating the Creator.

John Staiger


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