Starting Points#2. “I see The God who loves us.”

Starting Points#2. “I see The God who loves us.”

Hector Williams (so he called himself), was the latest of a long list of scam artists who phoned me claiming that my “computer security system had been compromised.” When I challenged his integrity and supposed location, he swore that he was calling me from downtown Auckland and rattled off a long list of details ‘authenticating’ his identity. I told him that Jesus is returning to judge us all and that he needed to repent for ripping old people off (assuming that old people are the only ones who still have landlines). When I told him that I was going to pray for his soul, he boldly said that Jesus was not coming back to judge him, but that any prayers on his behalf would be appreciated. He offered to call again, but I told him not to phone unless he had changed his ways before God.

Hector claimed to be a believer. But what believer knowingly exploits people?

Well, actually…plenty!

Remember the indulgences sold by the Catholic Church? If my memory serves me correctly (not that I was there in the 1500s), a lot of the money went into the building of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

My point is that everyone participating in the Indulgence Scam, from the Pope down to the man who was paying a priest to absolve him of his intended sins, all claimed to be believers in Christ.

Which causes one to conclude: “Your religion determines your behaviour!”

Obviously, I am not speaking about the specific church of which one claims to be a part. I am speaking about the ultimate determining factor of all of our behaviour; that is “How we see God.”

How you see God is determined by your reaction to God’s witnesses. He reveals Himself in His creation, His Word, His Church, His providence, and the conscience He has installed within us.

Therefore, His glory is ever on display before your eyes, and as a consequence, your chosen perspective is your chosen religion.

Therein is seen the reason and content of your prayers, your interaction with others, the company you keep, and the church you attend.

What a person chooses to see will be accounted for:

“I see The God who loves us!”

John Staiger


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