Stepping up#7. “Not my Fault!”

Stepping up#7. “Not my Fault!”

When I want to add a driver’s name to my third-party car insurance, they seem to only have one question for me: “Is the licenced driver under 25 years of age?” I am assured that this act of legal discrimination is based on science. It is reasoned that the average boy’s brain is not sufficiently developed before the age of 25 for him to be trusted to drive without taking unreasonable risks. Thus, for me, the excess payment is $300, but for him, it is three times that much.

When giving thought to my youth, I cannot totally dismiss the rationale behind the insurer’s caution. But it does beg the question: ‘If insurers are allowed to be three times more punishing of the ‘foolishness of youth,’ then shouldn’t Christians be three times more forgiving of those in the same demographic?’

The difference between finding fault and accepting fault is an accurate character indicator. I have had Christians sit with me for three hours trying to blame others for their own sinful behaviour. Butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth.

When we encourage each other to leave apologies unmade, and confessions unsaid, we are setting the scene for a future leadership crisis. Suspicions of dishonestly do not go away in churches. Many a man has set himself up to fail as a spiritual leader because he refused to sort issues out at the time. You must wonder at the wisdom of his counsellors; they did him and the church no favours.

Every Christian is expected to Step-up for service in the Kingdom. If you know of apologies yet to be made, or sins yet to be confessed, then ‘Stepping up’ starts there.

Those protesting that it is, “Not my Fault!” when it is, are holding us all back.

“If we confess our sins, God is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1Jn.1:9).

John Staiger


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