The Future#3. “Making Plans – Part One.”

The Future#3. “Making Plans – Part One.”

We are told of a study where students were asked to state their future goals. The experts assured us that those who committed their future goals to writing became extremely successful. We are also told that no such study ever took place. So, what must we believe? Well, as one who lost his original list from his youth, I cannot give you a definitive answer. But I do believe that there is one area of life that proves that writing down your goals is likely to achieve 100% success, and that is the humble grocery list.

Lists work. Despite someone insisting that the “To-do List” is the place where goals go to die,” I believe that the many who live by them are testimony to their effectiveness.

And since getting things down on paper was one of the methods God utilised to announce His intentions, it is guaranteed to help us too. Remember, imbedded in the Biblical text are His plans for His people; written proof that He has had specific goals all along.

Bringing a written list of your goals and aspirations for your work in the Lord’s church may not be something you are likely to show your brethren, but I know that God will be pleased to see it.

There is wisdom in listing the things you need to do to achieve a life worth looking back on.

Lock-in some daily ‘From here to eternity’ items:
Firstly, decide on a specific number of chapters of scripture to read.
Secondly, make a set ‘planning and praying’ time.
And thirdly, plan to increase time with the church. Make yourself accountable in those prayer sessions for your input into the meetings of the church. Believe me, the list of prayer needs you will gather from your increased time with your brethren will set up a powerful three-way bond between you, God, and your brethren.

Also, plan and pray long-term. Ask God to guide your kids to a Christian university, seek godly wisdom and skills to boldly speak about Jesus to everyone you meet, and ask if God wants you to be a missionary.

To be continued…

John Staiger


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