The Future#4. “Making Plans – Part Two.”

The Future#4. “Making Plans – Part Two.”

With the fall of Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban in recent days, the plans of 30 million people have immediately changed. While the world is trying to avoid the deadly effects of a virus, the poor Afghan citizens are trying to avoid the deadly effects of Sharia Law.

Life is happening to us all. For some, it’s the forces of nature and for others the forces of men. This one thing we hold in common—The power to choose.

You can choose to plan your future with God at the helm, or you can choose to plan your future with yourself at the helm—your choice!

In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus submitted Himself to the hand of the father. It was His choice to be the Father’s divine plan to save man. Thus, he cried out on three separate occasions: “Thy will be done” (Mt.26:42). And it is in this spirit that Jesus taught His disciples to pray: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Mt.6:10).

The wise Christian seeks to know what God’s “will in heaven” is, so he can make sure that God’s will is “done on earth.” Surely, God’s “will in heaven” is to bring His children home to His glorious presence. Consequently, His “will on earth” is to have His children brought to faith in Jesus so they can be delivered into His glorious presence.

We plan to be a part of His plan. God used one or more of His people to bring you to Christ. So, plan to be one of the people He uses to bring others to Christ. This, of course, will mean adjustments to every aspect of your life. From now on you will be thinking in new terms. Everyone you see and speak to will be greeted with this prayer in your heart: “Lord, open the heart of this precious soul to Jesus, and use me to teach them. Thy will be done.”

Now, watch the Holy Spirit accomplish God’s will in the hearts of men.

John Staiger


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