The Lord’s Church #1. “As I know it.”

The Lord’s Church #1. “As I know it.”

In years past it was not uncommon for some people to say, “The church of Christ believes that they are the only ones going to heaven.” Some of those saying this would have come by it honestly because that is exactly what was communicated to them by a member of the churches of Christ. However, others were simply misunderstanding (or misrepresenting) the speaker’s definition of “Church of Christ.”

From the Bible’s standpoint, the church of Christ is made up of those who, as on the Day of Pentecost, were convicted of their sins, repented, and were baptised in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins (Acts 2:37-38). Therefore, it is understandable that someone who rejects the Biblical way of being “added to the church” (Acts 2:41; 5:14) would say, “The church of Christ believes that they are the only ones going to heaven.”

Let us make it clear from the outset that nobody but God knows ‘who and how many’ are going to heaven. Judgement day will be both a pleasant surprise for some and a horrifying shock for others—so, it will pay to sort yourself out rather than spending too much time judging others.

The churches of Christ are the Lord’s church as I know it. What is taught and practised will put a person into Christ and keep them there if that’s where they want to be. But be assured that the day it ceases to be a place of salvation and sanctification, despite the sign over the door, will be the day that I go in search of it.

Nevertheless, the firm foundation of God stands, having this seal, “The Lord knows those who are His,” and, “Everyone who names the name of the Lord is to abstain from wickedness” (2 Timothy 2:19).

John Staiger


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