True Riches:#1 “Jesus’ net Worth…”

True Riches:#1 “Jesus’ net Worth…”

Speaking generally, one thing that the average rich person knows that the average poor person doesn’t know is the exact state of his financial affairs. The rich make meticulous calculations of their assets and liabilities. Both sides of the ledger are poured over: They know that “Assets minus liabilities equals ‘net worth.’” This they build on. On his first road to riches, a brother told me that he was gathering money to invest in the ‘work of the Lord’s church.’ He lost it all in the 1987 crash. By the time he had completed his second journey to riches, he had well and truly left any thought of the Lord’s church and its work behind.Who talks of money when pondering Jesus’ mission to change the world?Jesus was born poor. Believe me, rich people are not refused motel rooms, especially when they are pregnant. And they don’t put their babies into filthy feeding troughs, either. Jesus’ ministry did have a treasurer and several benefactors. But Jesus allowed Judas, a thief, to handle their financial affairs. Greed and treachery were his downfall.Concerning daily bread, the fact that there were conversations had about where to get food for the feeding of the 5000 and the 4000 indicates that Jesus didn’t just make food appear – breakfast, lunch and dinner.We do know that Jesus paid his taxes and told everyone else to do so, also. But concerning assets, he had none that we know of.The only thing counted of material value was an expensive garment taken off him when he was hung on the cross. The soldiers knew its value lay in it remaining in one piece, so they gambled for it at Jesus feet. So, what was “Jesus’ net worth?” Zero!When talking about “True Riches,” it is obvious that Jesus didn’t count money and possessions as having too much value.A thought that might be worth investing in.

John Staiger

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