“Blessed are those who have been persecuted…” (Mt.5:10-12).

“Blessed are those who have been persecuted…” (Mt.5:10-12).

It has been estimated, that on average, one Christian is being killed for his faith every five minutes. This does not take into consideration the beatings and other forms of torture Christians endure at the hands of unbelievers. This is humbling, to say the least.If “Cancel Culture” and various forms of ‘Censorship’ are the worst that will happen to me (and worse has happened), I count myself blessed. Although, I must confess that I have not suffered the ignominies of these in full force, yet.Jesus called us to a ‘Cross Carrying Culture.’ It is in dying to self daily that Christ lives in us. We participate in God’s rescue mission.Jesus hands out no rose-tinted glasses for day-trippers. Choosing his name is choosing his enemies. “If the world hates you,” he warns, “you know that it has hated Me before it hated you” (Jn.15:18). Yes, they will treat you the way they treated Jesus.It’s a Darkness/Light thing. Believers are the Light of the world. The Darkness seeks to extinguish the Light that exposes its evil deeds. Unsurprisingly, I am yet to see a section in any evangelism handout that invites one and all to a persecuted life.But that is exactly what Jesus calls us to. You are blessed to be counted with the prophets of old, and you have been promised that ‘your reward in heaven is great. Strength and insight will grow in you to meet insults with joy and gladness.God’s will be done!

John Staiger

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