Winning and losing#3 “I can’t get no satisfaction…”

Winning and losing#3 “I can’t get no satisfaction…”

Mick Jagger, the singer for The Rolling Stones, was a minor when he joined the band. Thus, he needed his parent’s consent to do business or go to certain places. When the band’s manager phoned Mick’s mother the conversation (so the story goes), went like this:Manager: “Hello, Mrs Jagger, we would like to request your permission for your son to be the lead singer of The Rolling Stones.”Mick’s mother: “I am sorry, but you must have the wrong Mrs Jagger. My son can’t sing.”Since then, who hasn’t sung along with Mick Jagger…?

“I can’t get no satisfaction

I can’t get no satisfaction’

Cause I try and I try and I try and I try

I can’t get no, I can’t get no”

In that catchy driving beat Mick expresses that feeling common to all: ‘No matter what I listen to, what I buy, where I go, or who wants me…I am left with unfulfilled needs and desires.’ It is hard to find a satisfied person. When I became a Christian, I was amazed at the peaceful dispositions of many of the Christians I met. It was, and still is, inspiring. Being new to the church, I was like a tourist with a polaroid. I was seeing the best in everyone. I was collecting mental snapshots of the good things that were new to me. But time would make me a participant in those lives. My life is now like a documentary of our combined joys and sorrows, strengths and struggles. Many have persevered through the trials and tribulations thrown at them by the devil. They remain focused and optimistic in the Kingdom of Christ. These are the workers. They find their joy in a satisfaction to be found only beyond this world. Unless connected to the eternal, all else has proven to be lacking in substance. But some have chosen a life of pretense. Like the weeds in Jesus’ parable, they look like Christians, sound like Christians, and their lives are intertwined with the lives of Christians, but they are not Christians. Satisfaction is beyond them.I guess some people are happy to lose among the winners. How they can sustain the misery of living so close to the Abundant Life in Christ, but never truly joining in, is beyond me.In Christ Christian satisfaction is guaranteed!

John Staiger

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