Winning and losing#2 “When you are right…”

Winning and losing#2 “When you are right…”

Back in the day when computers were not common, a dentist was given an apple by a policeman. The policeman said that the apple was believed to have been discarded by a gunman wanted for a murder. The apple was totally intact, except for teeth marks left behind when being discarded. On the policeman’s return the dentist presented him with a model of the suspects teeth. He told the policeman that the person they were looking for was ‘a man in his 30s, tall and gangly, and having a long thin face.” The policeman had heard it all before. He politely thanked the dentist, silently dismissed what he had said, and went on his way. In a later interview he reported that an arrest had been made for the murder. He mentioned the dentist’s work, and with a smile, said: “I was shocked when he met the suspect. He was, in fact, in his 30s, tall and gangly, and had a long thin face—When you’re right, you’re right!”Developing a “I have heard it all before” disposition is not hard. Working with people exposes you to all sorts of personalities, and some of them delight to share their theories on EVERYTHING! It is no surprise that your eyes glaze over while you attempt to excuse yourself in the struggle to hide your disinterest.But praise the Lord that God doesn’t do that to you as you cycle through your latest repertoire of irritations in full flight.It pays to keep in mind that God remains attentive to your every word. And, let’s be honest, some of those words are not worth the value you place on them. It is in the act of listening that knowledge and wisdom are gathered. Avoiding external human face-to-face input chokes your ability to learn.You are to expose your facts and opinions to scrutiny. You might be surprised what happens when others shine new light into your thoughts. So next time you catch yourself being wrong. Smile graciously and listen to yourself say: “When you’re right, you’re right!”

John Staiger

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