“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” (Matthew 5:8).

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” (Matthew 5:8).

Seeing God is the Christian’s goal.And, praise God, you will see Him on the Last Day—Face to face!It is only by faith in the purity of Christ’s sacrificial offering that we are deemed ‘Pure’ in the sight of God. Thus, we live lives worthy of our sinless Saviour. Jesus says it takes ‘purity of heart’ to expect to see God. If there were a Daily Christian Purity Report, would yours be marked: “Spotless”?A life that reflects anything less, indicates a disconnect between God’s gracious gift of Purity and the state of Purity reflected in your walk in Christ.If so, you would do well to check your cleaning agent because you are not “Jesus Clean.”However, an expert need not be called. Self-evaluation is possible and even advisable.

Make a ‘Purity’ checklist:

1. Thoughts—What drifts in and out of your mind. Your thought-world says everything about you.

2. Speech—If you catch yourself saying it out loud, you can guarantee you have thought it once too often in your head.

3. Prayers—Is there humble, plain-speaking between you and the Master, or does vain repetition cloud any sense of closeness?

4. Listening habits—Friends, news, music…? Jesus warns you to be careful about what you hear.

5. Association—There is a lot of truth to what the man said: “Show me your mentors and I will tell you your future.” I might refine it by adding: “Show me the five people you enjoy being around most, and I will show you your future.” Company is either constructive or destructive.

6. Reading—Some say that a man would be a fool to believe that the Bible rates at the top of material read by most Christians. I pray the opposite be true. Your faith depends on it. It is your primary cleaning agent in the sanctifying of your life.

7. Actions—To the pure all things are pure. A better disposition to begin your day with can’t be found. Who doesn’t want to be around someone like this? Having a heart that sees the best in everyone is a gift from God.A purer world begins with you. Praise God!

John Staiger

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