Proverbs 18:17

Beware Joining ‘The Classic Enablers Club.’ With rare exception, the nicest people you know are brilliant conversationalists. They listen to your stories with intense interest and have an amazing ability to nod and smile knowingly in all the right places. Everyone loves them and praise is heaped upon them by all—and understandably so! I will not fault these good souls by adding lesser mortals to their numbers, but I must warn you before I proceed, that these same delightful creatures can be unwitting members of what I will deem the ‘Classic Enablers Club.’ Remember, ‘a great listener’ is likely to be hearing a lot of negative stuff. And the likelihood of them confronting any of it is nominal.Since they have such a good listening ear, they invariably hear people give their own side of every story as if it is absolute truth. If they accept it at face value, and then defend it as if it must be true, they are automatically signed up as members of the ‘Classic Enablers Club.’ Proverbs 18:17 pulls them straight:“The first to plead his case seems right,Until another comes and examines him.”I know that some will think me extreme to place such people into this category. But I must defend my proposition.If a Christian takes someone’s side of the story as true without examining all the facts, they are enabling gossip and hearsay. As a preacher, I have long since slipped out of the ranks of ‘brilliant conversationalist’ due to my duty as a truth-seeker and peacemaker.Now, appealing to people who are never going to see themselves as anything other than victims in any situation is a clear waste of my time.However, I can appeal to you good souls out there to take special care when you are displaying your conversational brilliance. Please be sure to always ‘check the facts’ before giving the impression that what you have heard is gospel truth. Otherwise, disengaging from this Classic Enablers Club can be embarrassing. Believe me, its best never to join it. John StaigerIf you have been blessed by this message, please feel free to: Like, Comment or Share it with your friends.


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